Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Application Designer - Maximo

The Application Designer is a Java applet based tool, which helps us to write XML for the screen elements we place on the applications. For every application in Maximo, there is a Presentation XML running in the background to display the elements. For Application XML refer to the link.

The Application Designer lets you perform the following common modifications to the user interface of a selected application:

  • Moving fields and sections
  • Adding new fields, tabs, and tables with columns and rows

You can perform these more advanced functions with the Application Designer:

  • Creating or duplicating applications
  • Defining signature options
  • Editing the Toolbar or the Select Action menu. 

Application Designer Screen

The Application designer is somewhat like a drag and drop console where we drag the controls, map the fields to database columns and whatever required restrictions.

SR Application in Application Designer 

There is a variety of different screen elements available that can be dragged on the application:

Application Designer Controls

With the help of these controls, the applications either new or old; can be customised as per business requirements and linked to database. Every control has a set of properties that can be configured for it to work as required by us.

Control Properties

In the above image you can find few of the TextBox properties mentioned. For example to make a field read only, simply set the Input mode to readonly . This way the Control properties help us customising applications and controls.

The Select Action menu of the Application designer leverages to edit the Select Action menu for the application that is being edited, the toolbar menu, the search menu and the signature options for the Application

Select Action Menu

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