Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BMXAA6473E - Maximo failed to start

This errors mean that installation is incomplete.

Go to Taskrunner tool and complete the pending tasks in the installation steps.

Error CTGIN2381E Maximo

What you notice:

CTGIN2381E: Maximo Database upgrade command failed. Command: Database Upgrade command validation failed.
CTGIN2381E: Maximo updatedb utility would fail.

What you do:
This message indicates that there were changes made in your environment that need to be committed in the database before new products can be added into the database. So go to System Preferences and apply ConfigDB for changes to be committed. Also you can discard changes to proceed with the upgrade.

How to enable Caching in Maximo

We all know that enabling cache methodology saves a lot of bandwidth when there are very fw changes on the webpages. Maximo among large organizations is also among the cases where we can enable the caching mechanism to make the experience faster and smoother. With this, the locations which have lower connectivity speed will also see improved performance.

Starting Maximo 6 version, cache feature is present in the tool. The Client browser is made to store the static content and a variable MAXAGE helps to renew it. After MAXAGE variable value, the server renews the cache data.

The MAXAGE variable is present at location : (maximo_home)/applications/maximo/maximouiweb/webmodule/WEB-INF/web.xml

the default is set to 1 hour(3600 seconds) however you can change this value according to your requirement. There are instances where people have used 12 hours and 24 hours also as the cache expiry time.

So if your Maximo environment is stable and no changes are planned to be moved, then enabling cache would help to improve the response time in high latency environments.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Cannot change the status of asset {0} since it is part of a hierarchy with the asset's parent {1} in {2} status.


Child asset {0} is not rotating and cannot be moved to an inventory type location {1}.


The sequence {0} already exists. Specify a unique sequenc


Your security privileges do not allow access to the selected option. If you require access to this option, contact your system administrator